Searched to itself for a cheap studio microphone and came across this copy. What can tell about it? Judging by sparse responses, it, like, quite good. For such price hardly it will be possible to find better.
Microphone type - capacitor
Directivity -
Execution type - table
Sensitivity ()-36
Minimum frequency of 30 Hz
The maximum frequency of 18000 Hz
Connection type - wire
Length of a cable () - 1.8 m
Connectors - USB
Before had no experience with with studio microphones, used many years a microphone from earphones.
The only thing that while confuses me - sensitivity in-36 . At other microphones it, normally, is more (nearby-60,-70 etc.) . I so understand, the the index is MORE (and-36 more-70), the it is more sensitivity. Also say that this microphone just  is sensitive enough. It is good meaning that it is not necessary to hold a microphone directly at a mouth and if you are, for example, in half-meter from a microphone - it costs on desktop, and you sit on a chair. But whether not too it is the big sensitivity? I do not want, that that happens in the street, or in an adjacent room clearly was audible. How much an every prospect, what it will be audible at such sensitivity? I certainly understand that here all individually, and precisely it is impossible to tell, but nevertheless - at least to assume. At whom what experience with this business and what sensitivity at you - shares. By the way, I well enough hear that happens in an adjacent room, or in the street. It so, just in case. Thus on a microphone there is a gain regulator, that is, it can be made even more sensitively.