I welcome! There is small lamp Maglite (with 3 batteries D in a bay), bought any more I do not remember when, about 8 years ago, interposed at once batteries, but I use rarely. On ignorance, a battery did not take out never therefrom. The SMALL LAMP is serviceable to this day, but decided to check up with curiosity a state of batteries, but not at once could turn off the screw, and understood that there that that not so. Hardly unscrewed and therefrom the garbage (result of the begun to flow batteries) fell down. Batteries adhered to walls, are taken out by nothing. Whether there are effective methods how to release a bay from the spoiled batteries?
The item with. 1) flooded an a bit feeble solution of vinegar, I will look that quits (on a sound vinegar corrodes)
2) Hammered in a long anchor, there were no forces to draw out through it a battery)



To drill?



Probably yes.