Topic: Entity Framework both SQL Server Compact and productivity

Is EntityObject (further let will be TreeDescriber) at it sv-in which too EntityObject

(Further let will be RootTreeNode} and   an element of some tree.

The task such loaded some objects (in 95 % of cases 1) and it will be necessary to bypass a tree as soon as possible (a tree approximately 3000 elements, depth is no more 10).

On SQL Server Express result  normal, but it was planned to use basis of SQL Server Compact 3.5

And so tree traversal demands from it at 7-10 times more time.

Primary keys Guid'. Saw a difference (probably there are still serious distinctions) for Express all  keys

The cluster become clustered indexes, for SQL Server Compact not. Probably for Express optimization of bypass of trees about usage CTE ( is not present to check up) is added

Can  in other side - SQL Lite?