Re: HP_RECOVERY And OS_TOOLS (f11, hidden partition)

On the latent partition (D:\FAT32) under Windows the file HP_WINRE (without the extension) the internal content sees:

 HP Windows Vista Recovery Environment Partition
[HP Recovery Manager]

Whether means 19041D  "address" on HDD?


Re: HP_RECOVERY And OS_TOOLS (f11, hidden partition)

In view of "activity" in the given subject, and also absence of possibility to solve a problem methods 1, 2 and persistence known amphibious against a method 3 - the method No4 has been involved.:idea:
1) the Notebook has been registered on a site (optionally)
2) Called in service of those of support HP Ukraine with the request to send me disks for recovery Vista for the reason that "lawful"  to XP cut down functionality on recovery. To the request attentively listened, registered a problem and after sending of disks from France:eek: (2009-09-22-19:23) sent UPS th .
3) 2009-09-24-10:41 - arrival in Kiev (transit / Germany and Poland).
If to somebody are useful - I can shares smile


Re: HP_RECOVERY And OS_TOOLS (f11, hidden partition)

Zhyryk , I too have notebook HP6735b, but the vendor specified that Recovery disks can be ordered only in flow of 3 or 6 months (I do not remember precisely) from the warranty period beginning. Unfortunately I missed this moment. Therefore at me a problem similar to yours. If you read this message, and prompt as with you to communicate, what to make copy Recovery of disks with Windows Vista. In advance thanks for the answer.


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Tried to search on the Internet, except Recovery disks Win XP are not present anything.


Re: HP_RECOVERY And OS_TOOLS (f11, hidden partition)

sent in ""


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Good afternoon,
On  HP Pavilion dv6 with preinstalled win7 Home the Premium suddenly disappeared from visibility windows explorer'a local disk D,  RECOVERY section. If to come in  "Control of disks" there it is visible that HDD it is standardly broken into 4 sections as well as at all HP: RECOVERY, HP_TOOLS, SYSTEM and C:. But section RECOVERY is inaccessible (is inactive). If boots from CD with AkronisDiskMenedzher all 4 sections - the cores, section SYSTEM is marked as active, and section RECOVERY in NTFS and opens an explorer most , it is visible that there there are all files and folders.
Problem in that if to launch in most win7 standard program HP Recovery Manager button System Recovery (reset to factory setting) is inactive, and at pushing the button "Creation Recovery of disks" produces an error: "Recovery Partition deleted". If on pushing on F11 to boot, a similar situation: button System Recovery (reset to factory setting) is inactive. Probably the program from HP does not see section RECOVERY though it sees .
Prompt how to make, please, section RECOVERY accessible in win7 for recovery of factory setting on  and for record of disks of recovery (they have not been written down yet).


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How to me on a new hard to deliver system using this section?
mbr.exe at me too is not present

- Deliver traditional method OEM the version. A key enter from a sticker if it did not tear off and did not throw out.
- Search in an Internet (,  for example) an image. Sometimes spread.
- Or ask from vendor to send Recovery DVD.


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Respected , do not judge strictly, can help. About the problem on-order. There is notebook HP Pavillion g6 7 months . 4 disks on the screw system 200 MB, With - with system of 451 Gb, D - recvery 14, HP tools - 100 MB.
After purchase at once tried to write down recovery disks - unsuccessfully. Produced an error a disk it is filled or something something like that (or hands at me curves, or a problem with pigs).  I  all right wrote down systems on an exterior flash card, load repair disk with Windows 7 and I rejoice. Labels a disk with on two, recovered factory system with the help recovery - all worked. One of these days it was required to reinstall in a new fashion system through recovery manager. The machine long thought also mine 2 new disks merged in one, atop delivered system. I lifted the erased data without problems, the system too rustled, but here glitches then went. At first the system ceased to be loaded, then at loading recovery function became inaccessible. Opened  a disk the doctor -  names of disks. Delivered as was. Does not help. All right, I think, is still  - the machine in an emphasis it does not see, writes the previous states of system it is not revealed, and recovery manager failed. error code = FFFFFF03. Well, I have a problem - an image of factory system on disk D - it should be got.  I put disk  active - I boot - the result is not present. I write down an image iso disk  program UltraISO, I boot - without results. For myself I see 3 variants: 1. To find an image of system from a similar computer - it is problematic ( it is bought in the United Arab Emirates). 2. To install   7, then to register on a microsoftware site (and how to be with fire wood Nr Th, aaplets, recovery will similar not work). 3. Can eat and the third way. Thankful in advance also I ask not to judge me strictly.


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System all the same lifted. However . Section Recovery does not see generally. How to recover factory Windows?