Topic: Why WWV_FLOW_SECURITY invalid after installation APEX?

Hello, I try to master APEX.
I install version 3.2 on Oracle XE according to the documentation, encountered the following problem:
1.) after file setting "apexins.sql", packet WWV_FLOW_SECURITY at user APEX_030200 became invalid (an error - PLS-00201: identifier SYS.WWV_FLOW must be declared). I search WWV_FLOW_KEY in circuit SYS - there is no such. How WWV_FLOW_KEY to add in circuit SYS? Tried to tear out DDL from installation files - it is impossible. And why some packets are added in circuit SYS, for example WWV_DBMS_SQL and WWV_FLOW_VAL
2.) Since packet WWV_FLOW_SECURITY invalid - I can not change the password for the user through apxxepwd.sql
3.) after setting 3.2. The page ceased to be launched
Thus before setting 3.2 - it was launched. The instruction launched "execute dbms_xdb.setListenerLocalAccess (l_access => true);"


Re: Why WWV_FLOW_SECURITY invalid after installation APEX?

By search of disappeared packet WWV_FLOW_KEY, in the distribution kit 3.2 APEX, was  that all packets go two files *.plb and.*sql, and a file wwv_flow_create_key_package (in which  packet WWV_FLOW_KEY) only with  *.plb.
Therefore the request: who has in the distribution kit file WWV_FLOW_CREATE_KEY_PACKAGE.SQL for APEX 3.2 throw off please!