Topic: The remote table

Prompt why in basis IB the remote table is not updated at update
The cursor, is not present any communication between two ?
Public gConHandle, cStr
Set Safety Off
Store Sqlstringconnect (' dsn=AwpIB; server=mike:c:\awp\dbase\Awp.gdb; wsid=mike; database=c:\awp\dbase\Awp.gdb; uid=SYSDBA; pwd=123 ') To gConHandle
If gConHandle <0
= Messagebox (' Cannot make connection ', 16, ' SQL Connect Error ')
=SQLEXEC (gConHandle, ' select * from userconnect ', ' userconnect_v ')
=CursorSetProp (' Buffering ', 5, ' userconnect_v ')
cStr =''
Update userconnect_v Set user_name=cStr
=Tableupdate (.T.)


Re: The remote table

Hi Mike222!
Because not enough adjustments have been made. That from yours SPT
Request made changes went reversely on the server, it is necessary
To adjust "properties" of this cursor, at least - Tables, KeyFieldList,
UpdatableFieldList, UpdateNameList, SendUpdates - adjustment goes through
CURSORSETPROP () - examples are in forums, but most easier probably to create
RemoteView on this table to open it, and requesting of it through
CURSORGETPROP () these properties to understand that to what smile Basically there
Anything difficult is not present - simply more accurately with syntax...
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